Yosa, soya and lactose free desserts made in Finland Yosa, soya and lactose free desserts made in Finland

I have spent a little more than 2 days at the international fair for organic products BIOFACH has closed its doors on Feb. 13th. in Nuremberg, Germany.

I am going to show you my 12 discoveries of products which are really good opportunities to enlarge ranges of specialities soon available by one of your local distributors.

A "motorway" to genuine food is now open.

Made with pulses or oil seeds, these news food products are ideally well-balanced and bring nutrients, vitamins and oligo-elements. More, their ingriedents allow to process free-from specialities excluding gluten, lactose or other allergens (soya, peanuts... etc).
My selection #1 Yoghurts from Finland soya & lactose-free

At about the same price than the german soya joghurts sold in Germany under EDEKA's private-label, these Finnish desserts are totally lactose and soya free, 100 % plant based.

YOSA (its brand) is a fiber-rich, delicious snack made of Finnish quality whole-grain oats.See their 2013 TV-commercial

Price comparison in Feb. 2016 with competitors for a 400 gr pot of a fruit lactose-free yoghurt :

EDEKA (in Germany) 500 gr pot (flavour vanilla or berries)* : EUR 1,60

SOYADE (in France) 400 gr pot (many flavours available)* : EUR 2,60

YOSA (in Finland and Scandinavian countries) : 400gr pot EUR 1,80

A so affordable soya and lactose free tasty product to get from for your local stores ! Contact Karla Javanainen. Mention you've heard of their products on my website.


: contains organic Soya




My selection # 2 : Superfruit topping

Top it, Smooth it and enjoy !

My selection # 2 is a small range of Superfruit toppings to add to your breakfast cereals or to make tasty smoothies as easily as ABC...


Available in four flavours : Hibiscus and Blueberries, Pineapple and Moringa, Strawberries and Beetroots, Orange and Lucuma.

these mixtures are valuable Superfoods full of taste.

For example, Pineapple and Moringa mixture has the following ingredients : ground golden flax seeds * 48%, Pineapple* 15%, White Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica)* 10%, Puffed Amaranth *, Banana*, Moringa powder* 6%, Sunflower oil*.

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Thierry ROBERT

Ich bin Fachmann für internationalen Vertrieb und Einkauf, habe eine hohe Bio-Affinität und bin in der Nähe von Straßburg im Elsass. Ich verfüge über internationale Kontakte und internationale Geschäftspartner. Sehen Sie sich meine Erfahrungen an und setzen Sie sich bei Interesse mit mir in Verbindung!

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